Mountain marathon, 42,195 meters

Date: Saturday 4 aug 2018 - Saturday 4 Aug 2018

A marathon distance in mountainous terrain from Sulåmo (410 masl) to Teveltunet.

You pass six mountain peaks of more than a thousand meters above sea level along the path that is clearly marked. The first three kilometers walking on forest trail, and after seven kilometer trail connects to the same path as ultra race goes on.

The first mountain top you run over the Litjkjølhaugen of 1152 meters above sea level, which also is the course's highest point.
Then go the path over the following five mountain peaks:
Rundfjellet, 1014 mas
Blåberga, 1094 mas
Midtiklumpen, 1015 mas
Kjerringfjellet, 1073 mas
Hood, 1017 masl

The last two kilometers walk on gravel road towards the target in Teveltunet (450 masl).

No maximum time - everyone can join, even hikers! Start time 11.30 am.

For details on power stations, etc. sent to you after registration.

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Available on: 04/08/2018